Chris and Katka are getting married!

Finally, someone whispered :-D 

We met in 2006 and we have been living together since 2008 in our flat in Prague.

We brought up our 5 children and now we are just two.

We still enjoy being together, even if we are not perfect...

I asked Katka to marry me on 14 February 2024, in the middle of the Charles Bridge in Prague, she said Yes.  So we decided we should get married this year.   

In summer, of course!  What kind of a herbalist would get married without field flowers??  And where better to have a summer party than in a brewery??  Get ready for a great time.

It will be a beautiful, fun, happy, and unforgettable day!! 

Katka Hanáková & Chris Bradshaw

wedding day: 12 July 2024

Wedding ceremony 

for invited guests in the garden of the Chateau at Roztoky u Prahy from 12 noon

- family and closest friends will get an an announcement and invitation in May for the wedding ceremony

- the wedding will be in a comfortable style, please wear comfortable clothes you like to be in 

Wedding party 

will be in Uneticky pivovar (brewery) for all guests from 15:00 

- the wedding party is for all who got an announcement, and their partners and children.   

- the wedding party will be for us and for you - wear nice, comfortable clothes according to the weather 

Time schedule 

11.30 - wedding ceremony guests arrive 

12:00 - 12:30 wedding ceremony 
12:30 - 13:00 toast and congratulations
13:00 - 14:00 photos
14:00 - 14:30 travel to Únětice 
15:00 - party and buffet start
15:30 - cutting the cake
16:00 - throwing the bouquet 
16:15 - group photos
17:00 - wedding game
18:30 - first dance 
19:00 - DJ dancing
24:00 - end of the party 

Practical information 


  • to Roztok u Prahy there are Prague city bus 340 and 350 from Metro station Dejvicka or a train from Masarykove Nadrazi (station) in the direction of Kralupy nad Vltavou
  • you can park in Roztoky at the entrance to the chateau, there should be enough spaces there
  • from Prague to Únětice you can take bus 355 from Metro Dejvicka, the stop to get off is called Únětice, Na parcelách.  From Roztoky you can take bus 359
  • you can park at the brewery behind the brewery on the street Pivovarská in the brewery parking lot, or on the street Náves in the center of the town
  • you can go by bicycle from Prague to Roztoky and Unetice via Tichý údolí easily by the bike path
  • In the evening we will have some taxis to take you to the Metro, so you can either leave your car at home, or plan to pick it up on Saturday in Unetice  
  • please choose clothing according to the weather and the dancing 
  • the activities will be organized by Petra, Nada, Veronika, and the photographer Hanka and camerawoman Klarka, we will be happy if you listen to their requests  ;-)
  • There will be a buffet of food available, and lots of beer, wine, and some soft drinks for drivers and kids
  • the wedding will be in two languages (at least) - There will be Czechs, English, Americans, Polish, and Spanish (at least).  If someone doesn't understand you, try another language or just go with them for a beer :-) 

Wedding presents

We don't need anything, our flat and chalet are already fully equipped...  

- if you would like to, we would love to build a covered outdoor area with a stone floor for our chalet in Krejnice.  

- there will be a place at the party to put donations.   


- so we can organize the whole event, please fill out the RSVP formula. 

Thank you!! 


Thanks in advance for your congratulations, you can bring them or mail them to

Chris a Katka Bradshaw, Kamenická 13, 170 00 Praha 7  Czech Republic

Did we forget something? 

You can leave us a message here: